What Does Dog Sleeping Position Mean?

Being a pet owner, you might have observed how your dog sleeps. Like humans, dogs also have various sleeping positions which say a lot about their behavior and personality.

Dog sleeping positions might seem cute. Besides, they give information about your pet’s mental and physical health. However, if you observe anything unusual regarding their sleeping behaviors, it’s better to discuss it with your vet.

Are you curious to know what’s the meaning of your pet’s sleeping position? Here, we have provided you with a complete guide of what you need to know in this regard. So, let’s begin.

Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

Depending upon where and who they are sleeping near, or how they are feeling, your dog’s sleeping position might change. Well, you have to watch out for what position he sleeps in more often.

However, injuries or soreness can make his position change. Therefore, you should get to the vet for a checkup in case of any difference in your dog’s sleeping position. Or if you notice any sign of pain in your pet.

Here are some common dog sleeping positions and what they might mean:

The Side Sleeper

One of the most common dog sleeping positions is the side sleeper. Dogs lie on the side and extend their legs in this position. Because their vital organs are exposed, it’s one of the safe and comfortable sleeping positions for dogs.

Now, what does this sleeping position means? It indicates that the dog is quite relaxed, comfortable, and loves his surroundings. Moreover, it shows their sign of trust that they are comfortable enough to sleep in this position exposing their vulnerable body parts. For the side sleeper, a nap mat dog bed is quite good.

The Superman

It’s a dog sleeping position where he sleeps on his stomach with front and back legs extended out and flat. Puppies usually sleep in this position as they are energetic and playful.

Besides, this sleeping position means that dogs are exhausted. However, they become active to play in no time. Further, you see this position when your pet is feeling hot and trying to cool down. Adult dogs having high energy do this for a short time.

The Lion’s Pose

The lion’s pose is also called “the sphinx”. In this sleeping position, your dog sleeps while placing the head between or above his paws.

This sleeping position tells you that your dog is just about to sleep. So, he can wake up easily. After getting into a deep sleep, he might turn round on his side to get more rest.

The Cuddler

It’s the most adorable dog sleeping position. The dog sleeps on the top of the person or another dog cuddled up in this position. Being a pet lover, if you want to cuddle with your dog, this position is for you.

It indicates love, affection, and bonding and you should know that you have got your pet’ trust and devotion. Likewise, this sleeping position means that your dog wants to get close to you or another dog.

The Donut

Another cutest dog sleeping position is the donut. In this case, the dog sleeps curled up in a ball. Not only that but he also places his legs close to his body. His nose touches the back leg and the tail curls above the body.

A dog sleeps in this position to adjust and to protect himself from the surrounding temperature. Usually, stray dogs or those who are new to their surroundings sleep in this pattern. The Calming Donut Dog Bed is made for these donut-style sleepers.

The Burrower

The burrower means the dogs who get cutely wrapped in fabric or pillows. You might have observed your dog snuggling in a cloth, blanket, or cushion. This sleeping position means that your dog is seeking comfort and safety.

Head and Neck Raised

In this sleeping position, the dogs are usually found lying with their head and neck raised. They might use the bed or cushion side in this sleeping position.

Unfortunately, this position might be a signal that they have difficulty breathing or they have any heart problems. Carefully watch your dog having its head and neck raised above the body level. In case, you notice rapid breathing or any other symptoms, contact your vet immediately.

On the Tummy

This position is just similar to Lion’s pose. The dogs sleep on their tummy on a cold surface when they tend to feel hot.  They do this to balance their body temperature as they are feeling quite hot.

On the Back

In this position, the dogs sleep on the back with their belly up and legs in the air. For dogs, it’s one of the most comfortable positions which you might find funny.

He is trying to cool down its body temperature by allowing maximum air to pass through all body parts. Or by doing so, they show that they trust you and they are accustomed to the environment. Furthermore, this sleeping position can be seasonal for your dog. You might notice it mostly in summers.

Back to Back

This position is just like the Cuddler position where your dog places its back against another dog or person’s back.

This dog’s sleeping position indicates trusting behavior as well as intimacy. Also, it reflects the dogs’ ancestral pack behavior when their whole families slept together in dens. So, consider yourself lucky if your dog chooses you to sleep against. That’s because you won his trust, therefore, cherish the bond that you share with your dog.

Dog Sleeping Basics

How Much Time Do Dogs Sleep?

Well, dogs have a lot of work to do. Like going for walks, entertaining his owner through various activities, and remaining alert. Thus, they need to rest properly to become energetic for the next day.

So, the question is how long do dogs sleep? Regarding adult dogs, they sleep for 12-14 hours per day including nighttime sleep and daytime naps. But the hours of sleep vary depending on the type of dog, age, as well as a daily activity.

While puppies require 20 hours of sleep in a day for better development and growth. Adult dogs need more sleep as they grow. Dog breeds including Mastiff or the Newfoundland require 14 hours of sleep in a day.

How Can You Help Your Dog Sleep Better?

The sleeping habits of dogs explain a lot about physical and mental health. According to experts, an unusual position of a dog might be a sign of any illness. Therefore, it’s important to consult your vet without wasting any time.

Moreover, the sleeping habits of dogs are also dependent on the type of environment where they are sleeping. Providing a good dog bed, some toys, moderate temperatures, some food, and water nearby can help him with good sleep.

Sleeping Patterns in Dogs

Dogs have distinct sleeping patterns that are just like humans. When they fall asleep first, they enter the quiet sleeping stage. In this stage, their breathing rate slows, their heart rate decreases, and their blood pressure drops.

While in the active sleeping stage, they move their eyes quickly under closed eyelids. This is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. We also undergo this stage when dreams occur.

 Final Thoughts

To sum up the above discussion, there are different dog sleeping positions that explain their physical and mental health. They can have donut, side sleeper, and superman sleeping styles. Or you might notice them sleeping on the tummy, on the back, or in back-to-back positions.

These sleeping positions have different meanings like they can have breathing difficulty or they are feeling hot. The hours of a dog’s sleep depend on its breed, age, and everyday activity.

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