Deciphering The Meaning Of Dog Behavior

Dogs have been men’s best friends for many centuries but still, we don’t know much about them. A dog can decipher human behavior and behave accordingly. But if we do not behave according to their code of conduct our relationship gets compromised.

To have a happy and healthy relationship one must spend some time deciphering the meaning of dog behavior. The simple cues tell a lot about the condition of your dog and you will be able to cater to their needs.

So without making further ado let’s start deciphering the meaning of dog behavior.

Tail chaser

This behavior is the most harmless and pet parents enjoy it when their puppy spins. Tail chasing is not a bad thing at all but there are various meanings for a single behavior of dos. If your dog is happy and there are no signs of stress or disease occasional spinning and tail chasing is their act of joy.

But if your dog keeps chasing the tail and runs in the circle this is a sign of distress and infection. Many viral diseases force your pup to chase the tail and run in circles. If the poor soul has no control over this behavior take the dog to the vet right away.

Barking and howling

The most common thing that a dog will do is bark. Dogs bark at almost everything dogs loves to bark at mail man, delivery guy, and other pets living in the neighborhood. Some dogs bark just for the sheer fun of it. The occasional barking or howling is not an issue rather it is a healthy trait.

But when your dog starts excessive barking and howling this is a sign of boredom or stress. Some dogs bark when they are in danger and want you to behave in a certain way. You should give interactive toys and puzzle feeders to dogs to keep them busy and happy. Excessive barking is also a sign of loneliness.

But scooter

This is the funniest thing your dog could do. It could seem a dumb move to your but for your dog, it is a real deal. If your dog is scooting the but this means there is something back there that is bothering your pet. You must stop feeding them bones and other solid textured foods.

The second reason for scooting their buts is the anal glands. The anal glands usually get filled with a smelly and oily material. Pooping helps them release this material from the glands. But if your dog is doing this move it means those glands are causing problems. You could do it yourself or get the help of the vet to ease the pain and irritation.

Head tilting

This is the most common thing a dog would do. If you see your dog tilting the head it is a sign that the dog is trying to see or hear something new. When a canine comes across something novel the head tilt allows them to focus on the particular person, act, thing, or event.

Head tilting is also a common thing with dogs who have bigger ear flaps. They tilt their head to get a clear sound. But if your dog tilts the head all the time this is a sign of ear infection or pain inside the auditory canal. Take the dog to the vet if your furry friend has no control over head-tilt.

A poop-eating dog

Well, this is the most disgusting behavior which no one would like to see. A dog eating goop is a gross thing but it is a common behavior among dogs. According to experts when your dog eats poop this is because of their instinctive behavior in the wild dogs eat other animals’ poop.

It could also be a learned behavior but if your dog has suddenly started to eat poop out of nowhere this is your cue. According to experts if your dog is eating poop every time you take them outside this is because of malnutrition. You need to consult your vet right away to get an enhanced and nutritious diet.

Enthusiastic licker

If your dog is a normal licker there is nothing bad in this behavior. Dogs love to lick people and other animals. This is not because of cleaning and licking baths like cats do. But it is a way of communication and showing acceptance to the other animal or the person. Dogs lick the person they love the most.

If you have an enthusiastic licker this is because your dog thinks you taste great. Sometimes when you come from the outside your sweat and smell stimulate this behavior. Dogs love to taste the saline taste. If you spend more time away from them on your arrival they will lick you to show you how much they love you.

If your dog loves to lick people all the item this is an issue that requires professional assistance. You need to get a certified dog trainer to stop your dog from doing so.

The humping champ

If your dog humps other dogs inside the house or dog park there is nothing to worry about. This is not about sex rather it is a playful activity that allows your dogs to bond and play well. Things remain good only if the dog being humped is not taking it as an offensive act. If you see the things escalating separate the dogs right away.

When you see your dog humping people and things this is the worst thing that can affect their genital and groin. You can consult your vet for the best measure if your dog is intact spaying or buttering will help a lot. But if you have already taken the measure you need professional help from a dog trainer.

Other dogs’ but sniffing

Dogs sniff each other butt and children start shouting “eew” with disgust isn’t a thing you haven’t seen. Dogs love to sniff each other’s but. This behavior is more common when dogs meet each other for the first time. Dogs do it to know about the other dog fully.

Yes you read it right dogs are great sniffers and they can decipher different smells with traits and characteristics of other pets. When a dog sniffs other dogs but it is a way of communication and sometimes a welcome sign to allow entry to the club.

Nipping the toes

Dogs do this thing most with the kids inside the house. It is a common thing when you have a Border Collie or other shepherd dog. Their instinct forces them to keep the vulnerable humans close to them in a safe place. Nipping doesn’t sully hurt but kids get frightened and start to fear the dog.

A dog will nip if you haven’t trained them to stop this thing in your house. You need to provide agility exercises and energy-exhausting opportunities to your dog. It will help them stay out of the urge to nip toes and behave like a family member in the house.

You can use positive reinforcement to stop your dog from doing so. Punishment or negative reinforcement will never work because dogs cannot fathom this idea at all. Moreover, the punishment will hurt your relationship with your dog.

Over to you

It’s totally up to you how much effort you put into deciphering the meaning of dog behavior. If you give more attention to your buddy you will help the dog get a beautiful relationship with good quality of life.

You can also find many diseases and nip the menace in the bud with proper medication. So never take anything for granted after leering ways of deciphering the meaning of dog behavior.

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