Harry RedlI've scoured a vast number of resources to collect nearly 150 digital images* relating to the Beats and the Beat Generation. The pages take a little longer to load than normal, as I created thumbnails of each image to provide a preview of the larger image. Once each page of the photo gallery loads, the thumbnails will be cached in your browser and the pages will load more quickly. Trust me, it's worth the extra seconds to see this many great Beat-related photos in one place.

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If you're looking for something specific, here's what you'll find in each gallery:  Gallery 1 contains images of William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Gallery 2 contains images of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, City Lights Bookstore, Michael McClure and Gary Snyder. Gallery 3 contains images of Neal Cassady, Gregory Corso, Bob Creeley, Diane di Prima, LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), Peter Orlovsky and Philip Whalen. Gallery 4 contains images of Denise Levertov, Herbert Huncke, Ken Kesey, Philip Lamantia, Lew Welch, Charles Bukowski, Kenneth Rexroth, William Carlos Williams and Robert Duncan - along with additional photos of group shots, location shots and stills from Beat-related movies.

The picture upper left is of Harry Redl, an Austrian photographer who snapped hundreds of photos of the Beat scene. Michael McClure wrote of Redl...

"In the mid-fifties it was something special to have a brilliant photographer coming around to photograph the outlaw and outcast art scene. We didn't know yet that we were "Beats" or the "San Francisco Renaissance" but Harry Redl's photographs helped to delineate those movements, and helped us define ourselves. Harry came by my apartment to photograph us -- and also to photo Surrealist poet Philip Lamantia -- or whoever else was visiting. Harry did studies of our maudite style of living. One time Harry had two free air tickets to Reno and we took the flight together to look at the desert city of black jack and chrome; other times we'd sit up drinking coffee and smoking black Spanish cigarettes. Harry was the image shaper of a scene that stretched from outspoken poets to Assemblage artists. Thanks to Harry we have the black and gray and white shapes of it in all their stark romantic clarity."

* These images were collected from a variety of resources, mainly the web, and I cannot give proper credit to all of them as few were in fact credited originally. I do know that a large portion of the images "out there" were photographed by Harry Redl and Fred McDarrah. All images within The Beat Page are for educational use only. Enjoy.