Rexroth - Selected PoemsThe Beat Page is my personal project ("with a little help from my friends") and is intended to provide internet users with access to "all things Beat" on the web. My interest in the Beat Generation began when I came across Kenneth Rexroth's "Selected Poems" in a small upstate New York public library. I was immediately impressed with the language and the images his words invoked. I began to seek out other writers within the genre and discovered a historical and literary sub-culture that thrived in San Francisco and New York City from the mid-1940's into the 1960's. It still remains very alive today.

If you've been here before, you no doubt notice the "facelift" that The Beat Page has received. When I first developed the site, I was fairly new to web design and as I learned to master PhotoShop and HTML, I became increasingly unhappy with its appearance. Also, I had done nothing to expand on the site in many months. It was my initial intention to build a sort of "Mecca" that would stand as the ultimate launching pad to all Beat-related sources on the internet, as well as providing a wealth of information within its own pages. This goal went unachieved in the wake of other projects until recent inspiration led me to basically reconstruct the entire site and do it the way I envisioned in the first place. Check out one of the major additions, the Photo Gallery.

I have to give a big thanks to my good friend and fellow "Beatnik" William Cooper for his assistance and contributions to the Beat Page. His research has proven extremely valuable and I'm thankful not only for his help, but for our inspiring conversations on all things literary.

I hope you like what you see here and I'm interested in your comments. I'd like to repeat my statement on the home page that the material offered here is to show appreciation for a generation of great writers and to enlighten others to their work. This page is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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-Ken Rumsey

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