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The Beat Page
Rexroth, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti... coffee shops, jazz clubs and cabarets. The Beat movement that originated in the 1950's is still alive today.

     Noted by such sources as Smithsonian, PBS, and required reading by hundreds of University EN-Lit courses, The Beat Page offers original articles, selected writings, an expansive photo history, and is an effective introduction to a generation of free thinkers that defined a new direction in American culture and literature - The Beat Generation.

Housing the works of contributing writers in a series of galleries, focusing on poetry. The first gallery, "Books One & Two" was posted 05/98.

J.D. Hayward Photography
Award winning photographer, J.D. Hayward, has been described as a "...framer of moments, in a time one will never see again and quite possibly overlooked initially."

Peter Murphy Lyric Archive
The complete lyrics from Murphy's five albums are included here. 'Should The World Fail to Fall Apart', 'Love Hysteria', 'Deep', 'Holy Smoke' and 'Cascade'.

Rooknet is a living memory of a friend, a poet, and an exceptional 'graphics guy'. 

RookNet accepts submissions for review in the areas of poetry, photography, and digital art. Feel free to submit your work for potential inclusion in one of our galleries. You can contact submissions review here.

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